Born and raised in South Africa. I have been exploring the earth’s wild places for over 20 years and documenting my travels using photography as a tool to share my experiences. I have led an adventurous and nomadic life dominated by mountaineering and exploratory expeditions in the Himalayas and Patagonian Andes. Guided over 200 alpine caving trips and volunteered for the British Columbia and Alberta Cave Rescue Team. Three winters instructing dog sledding and winter survival to the British Armed Forces on the frozen lakes of the Canadian Rockies. Professional Rope Access technician with 4000 hours experience.

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RYA Yachtmaster Ocean skipper for sailing vessels. I have instructed the technical skills I acquired over the years to many people in order to prepare them to travel and survive in challenging environments. My deep appreciation for the natural world led me to spend considerable time volunteering at sea for Sea Shepherd marine conservation society as a Bridge Officer, 3rd Engineer, Ship Medic, Zodiac chase boat driver and drone pilot to help preserve and protect our ocean environment from over exploitation. Currently I work as an expedition guide, bear guard and Zodiac driver in the Polar regions for most of the season. I am a certified PTGA Senior Polar Guide.

My dream and inspiration has always been to discover the wild and unexplored corners of the world, and this continues to be the driving force in my life. I hope to share these experiences with others, to broaden their view of the world so that we can all grow to appreciate it more and take it less for granted.

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